Public Cloud

This public cloud relies on the quality cloud computing model wherever virtual Servers, Networks and Storage is obtainable on a pay-per-usage basis.  Our data center provides on-ramps to cloud platforms through well maintained, efficient interconnection services with the best price.


OnApp makes it easy to build, manage and sell your own brand of IaaS cloud. It’s the complete cloud management solution for service providers.

OnApp includes a full KVM virtualization stack, software-defined storage and networking, an incredibly flexible metering and billing engine, fine control of user roles and permissions, a huge template library and much more… wrapped up in an intuitive, white-label, self-service portal.

OnApp powers private, public and hybrid cloud services for thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users and millions of virtual servers – including an estimated 1 in 3 of the world’s public clouds

Product Features

  • Complete, not complex

    OnApp is quick to deploy and easy to configure – it’s an end-to-end solution with a full suite of orchestration, provisioning, management, security, metering and billing tools built in.

  • Easy multi-cloud management

    OnApp brings multiple clouds and multiple virtualization types into one easy-to-manage environment. It provides a single abstraction and management layer for distributed private and public cloud infrastructure.

  • Fast time-to-value

    If you have infrastructure in place, your OnApp cloud can be deployed in hours: no need for months of development and integration work. You can also get OnApp Cloud as a full SaaS platform.

  • Fluid service delivery

    OnApp’s intuitive UI simplifies and streamlines your cloud, and enables workloads to be provisioned and migrated fluidly to the cloud infrastructure that suits them best.

  • Monetization and orchestration

    OnApp automates metering and billing as well as cloud orchestration and management. You can price and bill for cloud services in any way you want, and sell the full range of IaaS products.

  • Automatic acceleration

    OnApp clouds feature our patented Accelerator technology, which automatically optimizes and distributes content for web applications. Web apps run faster on OnApp clouds.

  • Commercial flexibility

    With support for many different billing models, it’s easy to tailor your cloud offering to the needs of different customers – building your own value-add services into your cloud propositions.

  • Differentiate your cloud

    Acceleration is just one of the many ways OnApp helps you differentiate your cloud – along with applications, your own services, and a broad range of IaaS capabilities available through one platform.

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