Customizable Configuration Options

Cage colocation may be a totally customizable solution that permits you to license a region of our data centers, to make out your ideal deployment configuration within the secure confines of a floor to ceiling enclosure. We have a tendency to work closely with you each step of the way—from coming up with an economical layout to making sure on-time delivery of cabling and power—to make certain all of your needs. 

Nationwide Availability

Cage colocation is out there in nearly all 3 of the markets during which Dhakacolo operates. Specific queries concerning cage availability can be answered by contacting us.

Data Center Cage Capabilities

Dhakacolo cages accommodate just about any networking, server or storage types. We provide a large range of capabilities from that you can select:


*     Deployment size:

o  Cages range from 100 to 5,000+ square feet.

*      Wattage

o  High-density deployments can accommodate up to 300 watts per square foot.

*      Power

o  120V, 280V, 3-Phase or -48VDC power.

Get Your Private Suite Data Center Ready

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