Beyond access to more bandwidth and disk space, Bare-metal servers also provide a number of other benefits:

Improved performance:

Bare-Metal servers offers higher performance for applications as they're not as stretched skinny by multiple workloads being employed by completely different organizations.


Having a Bare-Metal server allows for more customization, such as micro segmentation of a network or deploying specialized software. Shared hosting is more limited as not all organizations on the server may want or need the same customization.

Data security:

There is a reduced chance of data breaches with dedicated hosting. On shared servers, if one organization is compromised due to inefficient security infrastructure, that can put all other organizations hosted on that server at risk.Dhaka Colo offers 100 percent up-time warranted bare-metal server to shoppers in national capital, urban center & Jessore with the most effective worth and completely different packages. 

Dhaka Colo offers 100% up-time guaranteed bare-metal server to clients in Dhaka, Chittagong & Jessore with the best price and different packages.

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