½ or ¼ RACK IN Tier-3/ Rated-3 DATA CENTER

Cost-effective colocation for businesses and operators with a little number of servers which is accommodated in a rack. 

Full Rack Colocation

Full racks can permit your company more space to grow. If you have extra space at the rack or cabinet, you'll be able to store servers.

Half Rack Colocation

If you're a security-conscious company, having a half-rack or cabinet is recommended as you will have physical access to your instrumentation.

Quarter Rack Colocation

Quarter rack colocation is ideal for a smaller company that doesn’t have many servers to store. The good thing about Quarter Rack Colocation is that you will simply have to pay for the amount of space that you are actually using.

See what’s in it for you

Standard rack space 11U (600mm wide x 1070mm depth)

Rack and cold aisle containment configuration included as standard

Busbar Trunking System

DC power from rectifier for DC Powered equipment

N+1 cooling

Density of 1kW (Chargeable Extra Capacity)

Access to a wide pool of telecom operators

32A Industrial Socket for PDU plugin

Cross connects

Get Your Private Suite Data Center Ready

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