A Space of Your Own:

Private suites offer a stable, efficient platform on that to make your personalized knowledge center deployment. And since Dhakacolo private suites offer a colocation environment, customers have quick access to a bunch of interconnection choices and also the edges of shared cost efficiencies.

Fully-Customizable Deployment:

Dhakacolo customed  private suites offer you multiple customizable choices, including:

Enhanced security with customizable private access controls like magnetic key card units and biometric denial systems. Tailored temperature gives you control over potency. Customizable layout with consultation offered from our skilled engineers to confirm maximum efficiency.

Data Centers Are Our Business:

As specialists within the construction, empowerment, and operation of mission-critical data center facilities, Dhakacolo offers a spread of consultative knowledge services in order that our customers will specialize in their core business opportunities.

Construction & commissioning:

Concurrently data center designs and construction with industry-leading PUEs are totally tested, and delivered on time to the clients.


Our data center utilizes integrated security systems and 24/7/365 on-the-spot, in-house security officers. Operations and facility workers are offered 24/7, aiding in maintaining our 99.999% uptime.


Construction, engineering and operational support are provided by Dhakacolo, furthermore as premier security, dependableness, performance and client service support.

See what’s in it for you

High & Ultra high density per suite

Busbar Trunking System

DC power from rectifier for DC Powered equipment

Dual power feed (2N) from Continuous Busway

N+1 cooling

High-Speed and Dedicated Internet bandwidth

Rack and cold aisle containment configuration included as standard

Cross connects

Get Your Private Suite Data Center Ready

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