Dhaka Colo Cloud is built on a world-class technological platform and carrier-grade network infrastructure, linking with multiple networks in home and worldwide.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Shared Hosting

Our Public Cloud is a cloud computing Solution that allows customers to host computing resources in a multi tenant environment. This public cloud is based on the standard cloud computing model where virtual Servers, Networks and Storage is available on a pay-per-usage basis.

Our Private cloud service is an on-demand cloud deployment model where computing services and infrastructure are hosted privately, within a company’s own intranet and use proprietary resources. The company oversees management, maintenance and operation of the private cloud.
This private cloud can offer additional security over a public cloud, because computing resources aren’t shared with other companies. Private cloud is often a necessary cloud model to meet specific security needs or compliance requirements.

Hosting Service
To create web presence, shared hosting is a less expensive way. Dhaka Colo provide shared hosting services.